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How To Create Value In Your Dog's Life

There’s no doubt that dogs brighten our lives! Their goofiness, loving nature, and loyalty make them the best friends we could ask for. So as their humans, it’s only fair that we care for them in a way that brings value and happiness to their lives too.

Why having value in their life matters

Your pooch deserves to live a happy and healthy lifestyle that provides them with all the physical and mental stimulation they need. Without this, they could get lonely and bored, and may even experience depression or anxiety. While some dogs like to live life in the slow lane and will be content going on shorter walks and enjoying cuddles on the sofa, active dogs thrive when they get plenty of exercise and can get stuck into higher energy activities.

How to bring value into your dog’s life

You can bring value to your dog’s life in all sorts of ways. This could include spending time with them, making sure they get plenty of exercise, and finding fun activities that require a little bit of brain power (your pooch can’t wait to show off how smart they are!).

Spend time with your dog

Dogs are social creatures who love their humans’ company, so one of the best things you can do is spend time with your dog. Even if it’s just cuddling on the couch (even better if there are some SCHMACKOS™ Marrobones Treats involved), they’ll be over the moon!

Keep your dog active

Our furry friends are full of energy and need regular exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. Keep your dog active by taking them on regular walks, playing fetch in the park, or even challenging them to a game of tug-of-war (they’ll love it even more if you let them win!). Active dogs may even enjoy going on a run or hike – if you’re into that!

Keep your dog mentally stimulated

There are plenty of ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated, like teaching them new tricks, playing puzzle games, or even just hiding dog treats for them to find. This will keep them engaged, and they’ll be less likely to pick up undesirable behaviours caused by boredom.

Show love and affection

Dogs thrive on love and affection, so show them how much you care about them by spending time with your dog and giving them a nice belly rub, a good brush, and letting them know what a good doggo they are. They’ll repay you with plenty of love and affection in return!

Create special treating occasion

Treats are the way to your dog’s heart and can help to create a stronger bond between you. Treating them to some delicious special occasion treats, like SCHMACKOS™ STRAPZ™ Treats can let them know how much you love them, or a SCHMACKOS™ CHOMP 'N' CHEW™ Treats can help to keep them occupied with something tasty and chewy.

Creating value in your dog's life is all about adding joy and fulfilment, so keep them active, entertained, and feeling the love! To make sure your pooch is living their best life, check out the rest of our dog tips on our Wonderful Side of Wacko™ blog.

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