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Five Fun Beginner’s Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Unleash your doggo’s potential by teaching them some flashy tricks to show off to all their friends! There are a few easy tricks to get started with, from a simple sit to an ever-so-distinguished handshake. You can include these tricks in your puppy training or start at any age!

How to start teaching your dog tricks

The key to dog training is to make things fun! Keep training sessions short and sweet and encourage your pooch with plenty of rewards and praise – they’ll never tire of hearing what a good doggo they are!

Treating during training

The ultimate motivation for nailing their training? Treats, of course! Have some irresistible treats, like SCHMACKOS™Tasty Bites, on hand to reward your dog with. You’ll want to start by giving them a treat when they do the trick. Once they’ve done it a few times, switch to praising them without a treat.

Basic tricks to begin with

Starting with basic dog tricks is a great way to build your pooch's confidence and ease them into this sort of training. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Teaching your pooch to speak is a fun way to kick off your puppy training. First, create a scenario where your pooch will bark, such as playing or greeting the postman. When they bark, say "speak" and give them a treat, repeating until your dog learns to “speak” on cue.


Sit is a skill that most doggos should have up their figurative and furry sleeve. Simply hold a treat above your dog's head, and as they look up, move the treat backwards until they sit. Use the word "sit" and give them the treat. With practice, your clever pooch will associate the word with the action.

Roll over

Roll over is one of the more advanced tricks to teach your dog, so be patient with your furry friend as they learn. Start with them lying on their stomach and hold a treat in front of their nose. Guide the treat over one shoulder and around their body to encourage them to roll over. If they successfully finish the roll, add the command “roll over” and reward them with the treat.


Spin works in a similar way to roll over. Begin with your dog standing up and hold a treat near their nose. Then move it around their body so that your dog follows it. Reward them once they complete the full spin and say the word "spin", so they learn the command.


Your doggo will look like the best-mannered pooch around when they master shake. Start by holding a treat in your hand and extend it towards your dog. They should instinctually paw at your hand, so once they do, use the word "shake", and reward them with the treat. Teaching your dog tricks is a fun and rewarding activity to enjoy together, and with a bit of practice, they’ll soon be a pooch of many skills! For more dog training tips, head on over to our Wonderful Side of Wacko™ blog.


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