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How Often Should You Be Treating Your Dog?

If your pooch had it their way, they’d probably be tucking into dog treats all day long, even in their sleep! But like many good things in life, treats need to be enjoyed in moderation, so pick your treating moments carefully to avoid overfeeding them. The best moments to treat your pup are when you want to reward good behaviour, celebrate special occasions, and simply show them some love from time to time!

Why treating is important

Life is more fun with the occasional treat! Not only are they delicious for your doggo, but they’re useful training tools and can even help you build a stronger bond with your furry friend.

When to treat your dog

If you want giving your dog treats to have an impact, you have to get the timing right! When your dog is learning new behaviours or tricks, you should reward them every time until they have the hang of things. After that, it’s advised to reward intermittently. Avoid giving your dog treats when they’re displaying undesirable behaviour (even if they flash you their puppy dog eyes), because this could reinforce behaviours you’d rather they don't repeat.

Types of dog treats to use

Different treating moments call for different treats! For example, bitesize yummies, like SCHMACKOS™ Tasty Bites Treats, are perfect for training, as you get more treats per serving, whereas something long-lasting, like SCHMACKOS™ CHOMP 'N' CHEW™ Treats, is great for occupying your pooch at times when they may need a tasty distraction.

How often to treat your dog

How often you should treat your dog will depend on their needs. Most dogs can enjoy a daily treat, but if they’re overweight you may need to limit this to a few times a week. Of course, not all treats are made equal, so check the pack for the recommended serving size to make sure you’re not overfeeding your pooch.

Regular treating

You don’t always need a reason to treat your doggo. Everyday treats, like SCHMACKOS™ Marrobones Treats, that are small and tasty are perfect for showing your pooch just how much you love them. Just make sure you pick a moment when they’re on their best behaviour and not a moment of mischief!

Treating your dog during training

Treats make the perfect LIPSCHMACKIN™ flavour rewards during training, as they’re great motivation for your pooch to nail a new command or dazzle you with their good behaviour! For example, you can use them when teaching your dog tricks, just remember not to treat them every time, as they need to learn to respond to verbal commands too.

Special treating occasions

Special occasions, like your dog’s birthday or holiday celebrations, absolutely call for treats! Make sure you get your pooch’s favourite flavour to show them some extra love on the special day.

Every dog deserves treats, just be sure to pick your treating moments so that they can encourage positive behaviour, and to avoid overfeeding them! Check out the rest of our Wonderful Side of Wacko ™ blog for more tips for treating and training your doggo.

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