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How To Sleep Train Your Dog

Your furry friend needs a good night's sleep to recharge that good doggo energy, not to mention you deserve some undisrupted shuteye too! So, if your pooch regularly wakes up at night and you’re wondering how to sleep train a dog, try some of these handy tips to help them settle.

How to get your dog ready for bed

By making bedtime fun, you’ll soon find your pooch looks forward to hitting the hay! Dogs thrive with structure in their day, so creating a routine for walks, meals, and bedtime is a good place to start your puppy sleep training. You could even throw the odd dog treat into the mix to reinforce the routine! Treats make great rewards during puppy training, but it’s important to be careful how often you treat your dog throughout the day, to avoid overfeeding them.

Create a cosy space for bed

Dogs want to feel safe and secure at night, so make sure your pooch has a comfy space to curl up in. This could be a crate filled with a cosy blanket and some toys, or a snuggly bed tucked into a quiet corner (just make sure there aren’t any monsters hiding underneath it).

Exercise during the day

Naturally, a well-exercised dog is much more likely to sleep through the night than one brimming with excess energy. You can tire your pooch out by taking them on regular walks or runs, getting stuck into some dog training, and setting aside some playtime so they can unleash their wild side!

Make a trip to the bathroom before bed

It’s hard to stay in the land of nod when nature is calling, so make sure your doggo has a toilet break before bed. This way, they’re less likely to wake you up in the middle of the night needing to go out, and this is particularly important if you’re still toilet training a puppy.

Stick to a routine

Creating, and sticking to, a bedtime routine for your pooch is a key part of dog sleep training, as it will teach them the signs that it's time to wind down. This could involve their last toilet break and perhaps even a tasty treat, like SCHMACKOS™ Marrobone Treats, so they’ve got something special to look forward to and it signals it’s time to sleep

Sleep training your dog may take some time and patience, but a well-rested pup is a happy pup! By using some common puppy sleep training techniques, like creating a routine and making their bed super cosy and inviting, they’ll be sleeping through the night in no time. To help your pup become the best doggo they can be, check out the rest of the dog training tips on our Wonderful Side of Wacko ™ blog.


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